Friends, in order to expand our services to help out other students, we need your little help. If you know about the Career Guide (Counsel For Career) or have counseled using it’s services, we very humbly ask you to write a few lines testimonial for us. This way, you can show your support to our initiative: FREE CAREER COUNSELING SERVICE FOR EVERY STUDENT IN PAKISTAN.

Please write a few lines of testimonials (in comments section) explaining your experience with us and in how many ways we can make our services better?

Very much appreciated, the Counsel for Career (Career Guide) team.

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  1. Asim Tanwir

     /  January 2, 2012

    CAREER COUNSELING is profoundly creative and know their business! They just seem to have what it takes to launch forward any idea in the most creative way, whether it’s related to engineering, computer sciences or any field. They’re good listeners and generous in sharing information and ideas. i had no idea how to launch my set up, but now i’m comfortable. They will give you 101% i’m sure of it

    Asim Tanwir – ToR Research and Design Lab

  2. career counselling has helped to figure out what exactly should I go for, I am intrested in Arts to the most and I was aprreciated by Career Guide when I disclosed my intrests. atleast now i feel much more confident about what I am going for. I would recommend it to all the students for not just a better decision but also self confidence. The best part about it is that its free of cost, so almost everyone can go for it. Great Work.

  3. rashid baloch

     /  January 16, 2012

    CAREER GUIDE … has been very helpful to me, they are very co-operative , i really appreciate the efforts of their TEAM .There was a time when i was really confused about starting my career and which field to choose, then i got career guide which helped me out ..
    Now the i wanted to say to CAREER Guide is that they should post some useful information about career opportunities or on daily basis in this way you can also help other people who are unable to manage their things in proffesional life ..

  4. I have consulted with CAREER COUNSELING SERVICE and find the professionals sitting on other end are helpful and informative. I consult with them for my younger brother education. I ask many questions and possibilities for him, and I am glad and happy that finally i take a decision and my brother is going to karachi within few days. I am sure gonna post again after he find suitable institute and college there in karachi…

  5. i want to do CSS… but i need to be gradutaed for it… so what should i do now.. should I do BA or something like that.. or should i get some better degree ? because i don’t know whether i’m able to pass CSS examinations or not!!


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