A Typical Pakistani Student

Zeeshan is a brilliant student. He has completed his college in Pre-engineering with an ‘A’ grade. Now, he had to make a big decision, the decision of his career path. But, like most of students in Pakistan on his level, he was as lost as lost as he could ever be. He didn’t have the slightest idea about his career options even which career he could choose for himself. Sometimes, he thought about studying what his friends consider studying and sometimes he thought about choosing his parents’ version of his career.

Zeeshan isn’t alone in this country, there are hundreds of thousands of students who pass out from college each year and tens of thousands of them get admission in universities. A very high percentage of those students make decision based on these factors: (a) current market trend of that career, (b) financial incentives that career has to offer, (c) parental pressure, and (d) current job vacancies in that career. However, what students mostly give any thought to, is the future worth of a career, its future exposure, and its impact on typical careers.

Zeeshan heard about these typical career counseling firms in his city. But, there’s no way he could go to those expensive firms as he belonged to a middle class family. But deep down, what Zeeshan really wanted is someone to guide him, tell him the pros and cons of particular career, tell him what opportunities are out there, and how to take advantage of those opportunities. Zeeshan couldn’t find any such platform in Pakistan and now he’s studying in B.Com so he could complete his studies in a few years and then start working.

Is Zeeshan alone in this country, I ask you? Doesn’t Pakistan need institutions or platforms that could guide students like Zeeshan? What do you think about it?

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