P@SHA Career Expo 2012

PASHA Career Expo Image

P@SHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and IT-enabled Services), under the leadership of its president, Ms. Jehan Ara, conducted the P@SHA Career Expo 2012 on 2nd June, 2012 at Marriott Hotel. The event started at 10 AM and lasted till 6 PM. Over 22 software houses from Karachi and Lahore set up their booths to provide jobs to not only experienced professionals but also to fresh graduates.

P@SHA Career Expo wasn’t just a job fair, there were a bunch of activities going around like career counseling sessions for students, workshops on different topics, and idea storming session about social entrepreneurship and P@SHA Social Innovation Funds.

The first workshop was on the topic “Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills Workshop” presented by Ms. Nausheen Ishtiaq. The workshop was interesting and interactive. A lot of students and professionals attended it and learned how the do and don’ts of resume writing, interview, and cover letters. Followed by the resume writing workshop, there was a workshop on Careers in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in Pakistan in which the speaker identified the number of opportunities that are available in Pakistan. After a few hours break, the P@SHA fund panel discussion and idea storming session was conducted by Jehan Ara herself. Among the panelist were some of the recognized entrepreneurs. The discussion was focused on ways a startup can be launched, the hurdles along the way, and how to solve such hurdles. During the session, audience was made aware of an initiative by P@SHA called P@SHA Social Innovation Funds, in which a selected amount of ideas of social innovation shall be awarded $10,000 to turn that idea into reality.

Quick fact: Career Guide was shortlisted in the P@SHA Social Innovation Funds, too. Among the 350+ ideas that were presented in the first round, Career Guide was one of the 64 others which were shortlisted.

Towards the end of the workshop, audience was asked to come up with an idea of social innovation and pitch it in front of the panelists and other experts. After the pitching session, every presenter was assigned a panelist/expert so they could help them re-fine their ideas. Presenters were to re-pitch their refined idea for 3-minutes in order to win the grant. A lot of interesting and applicable ideas were presented in the whole session.

Apart from the workshop sessions, there were crowd of a lot of fresh graduates and even professionals that were there to embark upon seemingly unlimited oppotunities in the IT/software industry of Pakistan.

The number and variety of jobs along with the participation of software houses in P@SHA Career Expo 2012 made clear that excuses of lack of job opportunities in Pakistan are not true at all. And neither is our skill-set. Looking forward to more such initiatives by P@SHA.

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