Post-Graduation Fears

It was the last day of my final semester exam. Like always, I started studying late at night, but I couldn’t focus on the subject. Instead, I was thinking about my future, thinking what life would look like from now on, without university, buddies, bunking classes to celebrate friends birthdays, and combined study seasons.

They say good and enjoyable moments pass early. I guess they are right. It seems like yesterday when I was holding my acceptance letter in amazement thinking how did I make it in this top-level university? It feels like yesterday when were ragged by seniors, when we used to be called ‘freshy’ for a whole semester.  It feels like yesterday.  All those years went by and here I am!

University life was one of the best periods in my life. I had a lot of friends, my teachers used to love me, and our gang was the most famous one in our university. We used to organize workshops, parties, concerts etc. All of that is over now.

I couldn’t continue studying now. So, I closed my eyes and started thinking about my future. I had been living with the support of my father. He used to pay my fee, gave me enough pocket money to do shopping, hangout, and stuff. But now, I’m supposed to earn by myself. Sure I used to do some work for extra money, but the idea of stepping out of my comfort zone and step into a wild, uncaring, and selfish world started to freak me out. Questions like, “is it normal?”, “is it normal to feel this way?”, “does everyone feel the same at the time of their graduation?” are some of the many unanswered questions roaming inside my mind.

Did it happen to you too?
A typical to-be-graduated-student!

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  1. 100% valid concern for our youth. Solution is to consider entrepreneurial career

  2. Very nice Abdul Basit… well that’s true that feelings are always different…n e way good luck on entering the real life though… It sucks, its cruel you may face many good achievement and failures but just focus to move on with progressive mind

  3. Nice blog. It surely does happen with many students. But in my case, it didn’t happen EVER. I , somehow, tuned myself to not think about the things before I actually step into them. I still try to enjoy the very moment I’m in. When I was graduating the only thing i had in my mind was the University & things associated with it, never thought about the things going to be happened in the coming future. Sometimes, this habit of mine turned out to be a bad one, but I was comfortable with it:-). I was kind of a student who never planned things as such ! 🙂

    • That’s one way of dealing with things. Living in the moment is nice and fun but as you’ve said, it leads to some problems as well. I, personally, like to plan for the future. It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy my present, I really do. But, I like the feeling that things are kind of sorted out.

  4. At such point of time teachers play very important role. I have seen that usually teachers and management of the university never bother about the career planning of the students. I think they should play their role by providing effective guidance to the students.

    • That is true. All teachers are concerned with, is to “teach” what’s in the book, rather than what they should do in order to learn skills that’ll help them in the market. And this is the area Counsel for Career (Career Guide) wants to work in. Providing students with necessary knowledge that’ll help them transit from students to professionals.

  5. You have very realistic and fantastic aim, but I am wondering how you are going to provide career guidance to students! it would be great if you could elaborate on it further. Post graduation fears varies among students and explaining them in stories makes them relevant for most of the students, if not all!


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